Team Building

Harvard called.  They said your team needs to shoot arrows in Sumter County.

Okay, they didn’t specifically mention Sumter County.  Or arrows.  Or even call.  We made that up.  What they DID say was that a recent study showed low performing teams achieved a 20% increase in a key productivity measure when leadership implemented a simple, team-oriented change.  Basically, the quality and quantity of communication between teammates outside formal meetings form the single biggest predictor of overall team performance.

An outside-the-box, paradigm-shifting game changer.

At the risk of sounding clichéd, it’s all about synergy.  The study, published in the Harvard Business Review, found that mere social interactions (like after-hours get-togethers) don’t help group productivity much.  On the other hand, simple tweaks that drive greater interaction in a work setting, like putting bigger tables in the lunchroom, paid huge dividends.

What about the arrows?

This brings us to the venerable team-building exercise.  One of the most effective ways to inject energy into a team and improve its communication dynamics is to get the teammates out of the office and make them work together in a fun new way.  That’s where we come in.

Sumter County offers some of the coolest, most innovative options for team building in the area.  From archery to geocaching to go kart racing, your teams can do things in Sumter County that are unique, fun, and really hard to do inside the city limits.  Of course, if you’re Old School, we have over 600 holes of golf, thousands of miles of trails, and we have a fantastic ropes course in development.

What’s the best part?

The best part is we’re right down the road, which means we’re an easy, affordable day trip.  Give us a call right now.  We’ll put our heads together and come up with a customized, highly effective team building agenda that will help take your company to the next level.

Now go give it 110% and grab that low-hanging fruit.  It’s win-win!

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