Rugged Round-Up Fitness Challenge

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#1. Log Run Suicide Sprints

On a 50 yard field, transfer 4 logs (2 at each end), moving them 1 by 1 to the opposite sides of the field until all four have been transferred to their opposite sides.

#2. Seated Tire Pull

From a seated position, pull your tire 50 ft across the goal line, then drag it back 50 ft to its original position to complete the obstacle.

#3. Balance Beam Cliffhanger

Balance/walk across 64ft balance beam, continue onto the wall using your fingertips and toes to navigate across.

#4. Hay, Mountain!

Scale a pile of hay.

#5. More Cowbell

Climb a 20ft rope and ring the cowbell.

#6. Silly Walks

Duck Walk 20 yards under a 4ft-high wire; Bear-Crawl 20 yards under a 3ft-high wire ; Army Crawl 20 yards under a 2ft-high wire.

#7. A Flip ‘n’ Drag

Flip a tire 50 yards and then flip it 50 yards back to the beginning.

#8. Hay Bale Gut Buster

Pushup-plank-walk sideways for 20 yards over two parallel rows of hay bales 4.5 feet apart.

#9. Sit-Up Block Toss

Complete a sit-up while holding a concrete block, then throw the block forward, sprint to your block and continue until you and your block pass the 50 yards mark.

#10. Farmers Walk

Fill two buckets with sand and carry 50 yards, turn around walk back 50 yards and dump the sand back in the pile.

The penalty for failing to complete any obstacle is 30 burpees.

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Sept 27, 2014
Brown's Market

13992 North U.S. 301
Oxford, FL 34484

Cost: $
Christy Smiley


Competitive Run: $40
Non-Competitive Run: $30

Spectators/Gen. Admission: $10

Call Christy at 727-642-7718 or

Children 12 and under free admission.

*Specific details, terms and conditions such as workouts, movements, obstacles and prizes, are subject to change at the discretion of the event manager.