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City of Webster designated as a “Bee City”
City of Webster designated as a “Bee City” - Discover Sumter
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The City of Webster has been designated as a “Bee City" by Bee City USA. Webster is the only city in the State of Florida to obtain this designation. Bee City USA affiliates across the country that are making an impact in protecting pollinators by raising awareness, establishing and enhancing habitats, and celebrating the achievements of the volunteers leading the effort. Visit Bee City USA for more information....

Architectural Digest Recommends Sumter County Farmer’s Market

Flea markets have a long-standing history in the U.S., and nowadays there are over 1,100 across the country, offering everything from artworks to antiques. Unsurprisingly, shoppers flock to these neighborhood cultural hubs, attracting over 150 million people annually. While each of these outdoor markets offers a different selection of wares, they all have one important thing in common: community. They provide space to feel closer to your ...

Sumter Sangria

What do you get when you get when you combine a local tasting event and a county that is home to over 1000 farms? A blast of fall flavors in a glass named Sumter Sangria. Discover Sumter was invited to take part in the Sumter County Chamber of Commerce's 2015 Taste of Simply Sumter Food and Spirits Festival last month. The Taste of Simply Sumter is an event that highlights the local restaurants and flavors that make Sumter County unique. What...

A Military Perspective

On the third day after Christmas, 1835, a column of around 110 cold, tired soldiers marched north, headed to Ft. King, near present-day Ocala.  Because of the cold, most of them had their muskets and ammunition buttoned beneath their heavy overcoats.  They had been marching for five days and their commander, Major Francis Dade, had promised three days off to properly celebrate Christmas upon their arrival at Ft. King. The march had been ...

The Natural Wonders of Lake Panasoffkee

Throughout our lovely state of Florida we are blessed to find aquatic environments worthy of a paddle and kayak or canoe. It is often difficult (as kayakers) to find bodies of water not crowded with heavy boat traffic and motorized personal watercraft. This being said, our weekend trip was destined for Sumter County; a place where nature is present in every aspect. Given this trip was exploratory I was assisted by Doug Smiley, Josh Slager ...

An Historical Timeline

Sumter County was officially founded in 1853, but its history goes back much further than that.  Sumter County was named for General Thomas Sumter, a hero of the Revolutionary War.  This is fitting because the county has been the primary site for two other wars, the first of which helped make the reputation of another war hero, General Andrew Jackson, and propelled him to the presidency. The area’s rich military history defined modern day ...