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Sumter County has been an agricultural hub for hundreds of years. Our farmers grow some of best produce on the planet. You can roll up your sleeves and pick your own or you can have someone else do the work for you, because we’re all about options. Learn More


Whether wheeling or walking, Sumter County has countless wildlife-filled trails for your outdoor enjoyment. Learn More

Historical Sites

Sumter County is rich with history. This tiny part of Florida was witness to events that shaped the nation during the 2nd Seminole War. A national cemetery honors the fallen from that war and many others. There’s plenty to explore and celebrate. Learn More

Pet Friendly

Many of Sumter County’s outdoor venues are pet friendly and perfect for a date with your four legged family members. Learn More

Scenic & Trails

If you love the outdoors, you'll love Sumter County. Bring your picnic basket and your mountain bike. Grab a GPS and your geocaching map. Our gorgeous parks and trails are the perfect place to wander, meander, play and explore. Lose yourself, find yourself, or both. Learn More

Shopping & Town Centers

Whether you’re a shopaholic, movie buff or party animal, Sumter has plenty to keep you hopping. You’ll drop out before you shop out, and The Villages’ town centers are each an event unto themselves. Can you have fun somewhere besides Sumter County? Sure, but we don’t recommend it. Learn More

Sporting & Recreation

Sumter County is a paradise for those who love sunshine and Mother Nature. We have fantastic trails, numerous boat ramps and more fishing holes than you can count. And if you prefer your ponds filled with balls instead of fish, we’ve got some of the best golfing around. Learn More
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Download and print tourism maps for Sumter County, Florida. Sumter County Maps (pdf)
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